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Abseiling is an exciting adventure activity and it is often run in combination with rock climbing. Abseiling is the technique used to descend a cliff-face. First we walk to the top and then we setup and run through all the safety equipment. We clip you on to the rope and away you go! You're in control the whole time and you descend the cliff at your own pace. You're always attached to a safety rope and the instructor monitors your progress until you reach the bottom; everything is extremely safe but this activity isn't without excitment! Chances are you're going to be scared stepping over the edge!

Abseiling is usually combined with rock climbing but if you only want to abseil then that's fine. The minimum age is 4 years and abseiling is well within everyone's ability.

If you're interested in running a charity abseil event then get in touch. We can advise you on the suitability of the venue, run the event and provide and setup all the safety equipment.