Terms & Conditions

To book your activity you need to either use our online booking system to pay the full amount or get in touch with us directly and pay the 50% deposit to confirm.

We do not offer a refund for cancellations. This is because once an activity is booked, we're obliged to pay instructors regardless of whether the event is run.

In the event of very bad weather we will offer you an alternative activity, date or if neither are helpful, an activity voucher for the future.

We need everyone's height and weight at least 24hrs prior to the activity. You can do this by either ringing or emailing us. This helps us bring the correct gear to the activity meeting point.

If you think you're going to be late for an activity you must ring and/or text your instructor at the first available opportunity. If we don't hear from you we may end up leaving without you, no refunds are given to groups that arrive after the arranged meeting time.